CITI Shared Platforms : Immunomonitoring/Discovery/Computational

Overview of Services

The mission of the Integrated CITI Platforms consisting of the Immunomonitoring Laboratory (IML), Discovery lab (DL) and Computational Immunology Platform (CIP) at the Cleveland Clinic is to provide cutting edge technologies and assays for the comprehensive immunophenotyping and specialized sequencing of blood and tissue. It allows investigators to monitor the impact of therapeutic interventions on immunologic profiles, interrogate mechanisms and pathways related to treatment protocols, and advance the conceptual basis for targeted treatment strategies. We work with scientists, clinicians, industry collaborators, and a broad array of investigators on both clinical trials and discovery based immunologic research within and outside Cleveland, Ohio.


C. Marcela Diaz, Ph.D | IML Scientific Director

Jennifer Ko, M.D, Ph.D | IML Medical Director

Raghvendra Srivastava, Ph.D | Discovery Lab Scientific Director

Vladimir Makarov, M.D, M.S | Computational Immunology Platform (CIP) Scientific Director

Patricia Rayman, M.S. | IML Manager

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday

8am - 7pm                  


Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Marcela Diaz
Director IML

Vladimir Makarov
Director CIP

Raghvendra Srivastava
Director Discovery Lab


Service list

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Computational Immunology Platform (CIP) (10)
Discovery Lab (3)
IML - Sample Procurement, Processing and Banking - Blood (2)
IML - Sample Procurement, Processing and Banking - Fresh Tissue (2)
IML - Sample Procurement, Processing and Banking - Frozen Tissue (8)
IML - Sample Procurement, Processing and Banking - Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue (6)
IML - Fresh Tissue (1)
IML - Immune Analysis - Nucleic acid isolation and analysis (9)
IML - Immune Analysis - Flow Cytometry (8)
IML - Immune Analysis - Cytokine/Serology Assays (5)
IML - Immune Analysis - Functional Assays (4)
IML - Immune Phenoptics (5)